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Oct 20, 2023

How Nara Clinic helps you put your best face forward

Imagine visiting a beautiful city with exquisite architecture and gorgeous sceneries; you would instantly be attracted and feel comfortable right? Similarly with our appearance, even if it’s as simple as maintaining our personal hygiene and grooming, it will make a lasting and pleasant impression,” says the Dr Nadzri Mokhtar, who qualified as a doctor in 1999, then specialised in functional, integrative and aesthetics medicine back in 2004.

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Sept 6, 2023

More than skin Deep!

Our new treatment (EMFACE) the revolutionary Non-Invasive Facial Treatment in Tatler Malaysia September 2023 - page 122-123

July 11, 2023

Happy client of ours

Nice and really instructive. The doctor is very amiable and knowledgeable. Excellent location for a treatment.

August 09, 2023

Pleasant and very informative.

Dr Nadzri was indeed very professional in explaining and providing solution.

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